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Poor Sage (Marriland's X wedlocke SPOILERS) by tsuta
Poor Sage (Marriland's X wedlocke SPOILERS)
So happy there's a Marriland Wedlocke again but man I feel for Sage, losing all this partners... I wanna hug hiiim :(
Yellow Team by tsuta
Yellow Team
My team on my yellow game. Still have to train some more before i try the elite 4 but i think i can make it with this team :)
Maya is Best Kitty by tsuta
Maya is Best Kitty
I found this pretty awesome website where you can buy and sell all sort of services and goods starting at 5$
This is my first offered gig; I will cartoonize your beloved cat :)
The basic gig is you send me a photo of your cat, and I will color my line art (same one as here) with your cat's colors :)

I can also make a customized line art just for you (for an extra price)

Here's the link to my profile there so you can see more details or maybe even send me a special request for something different.
Onion and Souffle by tsuta
Onion and Souffle
Aw what, I can't put an accent in a title? Oh well. This is Onion and Soufflé, the most heroic minun and illumise pair ever, from Marriland's Omega Ruby Wedlocke. What an adventure! Those two will stay in my heart for a long time :) if you see this, Marriland, I hope it will make you smile and thank you for such an awesome ride!

Hehe, Onion is not the most macho guy ever but Soufflé doesn't care about that, she still lurve him to bits! ^_^
Patrick and Red by tsuta
Patrick and Red
So... a couple years ago now? I started that sapphire nuzlocke comic that I ... pretty much abandonned. You can still read it in my gallery. But yeah, I'll never finish it. But I felt bad about it for the longest time. So when ORAS came out, I decided to ressucitate the story. Sort of. But this time, it's a written alpha sapphire WEDlocke. And, well, this is a bit of a spoiler but yep, Patrick and Red are my first pair. You can read my storylocke over there, on the nuzlocke forums:…
Hiya people.
I know that i disappointed several people when i stopped working on my sapphire comic but at some point i just didn't feel like my story would go anywhere (also at first i had planned some stuff that was inspired by my real life and i shouldn't have done that, when said stuff went badly that just cut off my inspiration... if i ever do another nuzlocke comic, i'll make sure to keep it all fictional lol. Lesson learned)

However! Lately i've been watching so many nuzlocke on youtube that it really made me want to do one myself. I had to crash course myself on video editing (thankfully camtasia studio is very easy to use) but i already have several parts done, and at the time i'm writing this, i have two parts uploaded on youtube.
I have to admit my first part is kinda bad because my voice is rather annoying to listen to (and also my accent is terrible; english not being my first langage...) but i really think that after a couple of part i started to improve a bit... it's because i don't usually speak english very often so it took me a couple of parts to stop sounding so annoying lol

So yeah if anyone wanna go watch it, that would be great :) i plan on uploading a part everyday (or almost)

part 1: 


tsuta's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I've always loved to draw, which brought me to study graphic design. I've graduated but i'm still looking for a full-time job. I don't draw as much as i should... but i love DA and all the wonderful artists you can find here :)

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lol xD
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